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Obtain a Business License in Sweden

Obtain a Business License in Sweden

Entrepreneurs who start a company will need to obtain a business license in Sweden suitable for the industry in which the legal entity will activate.

Business licensing is an essential step for those who with to open a company in Sweden. Our team of company incorporation agents will give you detailed information on whether you company needs additional permits and licenses to function and will assist you when applying for these with the right Swedish agency or institution. We can also give you details about any other needed notification requirements. 

The business license which is the equivalent of a special permit for a specific activity is issued after the company is registered, this is after the business or registration license was issued by the Companies Registration Office.

Our team specializing in company formation in Sweden assists investors who wish to apply for company registration and business licensing.

We also assist foreign companies interested in setting up a branch in Sweden.

How to obtain a special business license in Sweden

Some types of businesses require special permits or licenses for functioning.

Examples of activities that require licensing include the following: agriculture, forestry and fishing, activities involving buildings, energy and extraction, food, drink and lodging, gambling, events, healthcare, social services, medicines, law, manufacturing, media and communication, school and education, tourism, transport.

Below, our team also lists some of the authorities responsible for issuing license and permits:

  1. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority: permits for banking or financial businesses, insurance businesses, securities businesses;
  2. The Swedish Food Agency: permits for companies involved in the food business, for the slaughter of poultry and farmed game, as well as wine producers, among others;
  3. The Swedish Medical Products Agency:  for companies involved in operating pharmacies, the distribution of some non-prescription medication or the manufacturing, exporting or trading in narcotics;
  4. The Swedish Transport Agency: issues the business license in Sweden used by companies involved in car rental activities, driving schools, permits for taxi drivers as well as many types of driving and training instructors;
  5. The Health and Social Care Inspectorate: permits for homes for care or residence, non-institutional care, personal assistance, supported housing, etc.;
  6. The Mining Inspectorate of Sweden: permits for mining, permits for companies involved in both exploration and exploitation;
  7. The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning: permits for certified energy experts, fire safety experts, accredited companies for the inspection of lifts and other devices, etc.;
  8. The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency: administers permits for travel agents, tour operators, authorized translators and interpreters.

Please keep in mind that the lists above are not exhaustive and other special permits and licenses issued by other authorities are also required for doing business in Sweden.

If you are ready to set up a business and need to apply for a business license in Sweden that will allow your business to engage in a particular activity, our team can assist you.

Company formation in Sweden

All types of companies in Sweden, except for sole traders, are required to register with the Swedish Companies Registration Office before they commence their activities.

Some of the most important steps required to open a company in Sweden are the following:

The business license in Sweden for a particular business sector is applied for once the formalities for registration with the Companies Registration Office are complete.

Ongoing assistance during the process is possible with the help of our team.

We list the expected processing times for company formation in Sweden below:

  • · e-service company formation: 5 working days for processing a complete file;
  • · form submission for company formation: 6 working days for complete company formation submissions;
  • · the registration of a new association: 7 working days, the estimated time in September 2022;
  • · change of business name: 8 working days, estimated in September 2022; the change of a company’s address was estimated ay 7 business days.

Please note that each application processed by the Swedish authorities is different, therefore the processing time is estimated.

Investors who are interested in other matters, such as taxation and matters concerning the payment of employees, payroll in Sweden, can reach out to our team. There is no applicable payroll tax in the country, however, employers do need to follow a set of rules for issuing a payslip upon the payment of their employees, as well as keeping accurate records for these payments. 

Contact us if you want to know more about the business license in Sweden.

We also offer virtual office services.